Be it hunger, health care, energy production or transportation, technology seems to offer the answer for nearly everything.

But where technological innovation has revolutionized our material existence, it’s also miserably failed to produce an ideal society, or even one worthy of the label of “civilization”.

For the first time in history, even people on opposite sides of the planet are capable of communicating in real-time, yet a culture of fear, mistrust, destruction, and death continues to reign over all of us.

Have we learned nothing from the mistakes of the past?

Is humanity doomed to live out our days as a violent, war-loving, and self-destructive species?

Or could we reduce the amount of human suffering by reaching across ideological barriers, finding common ground, and working together to improve each others understanding of the nature of ourselves and the nature of reality?

Why can’t we put our differences aside and come together to solve our problems, not with “plans”, but with action itself?

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