In an attempt to solve the many problems of collective action, mankind invariably turns to Political systems.

But Political systems often exacerbate the very problems which they were designed to defeat.

Rather than encouraging societal-consensus, most hierarchical frameworks produce highly polarized societies driven by ideological groupthink.

Such systems, originally created to establish a just system for the distribution of limited resources, end up providing little more than a rigid societal status-quo, an amoral and unequal division of haves and have-nots, rather than justice, security, and equality of opportunity.

And every political system has failed to fulfill it’s most sacred purpose: the generation of an ideal society in which men are free to pursue their individual objectives without the unjust interference of others.

Might our failure lie not with the shortcomings of our systems, but with the very attempt to apply concrete plans and rigid systems as solutions for ever-changing problems?

Could the real problem lie in our very attachment to “planning”?

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