Chayacitra is my personal attempt to promote intelligent discourse and encourage the search for nontraditional answers to the most traditional of all problems: the problem of human suffering.

Each successive civilization has established an authoritative hierarchy in an attempt to overcome man’s divisive natural inclination- his selfishness.

And each  system has failed to control our chaotic self-nature due to man’s refusal to comply with systems based on conformity, assimilation, and blind obedience.

But society can only achieve it’s true purpose- to encourage the flowering of goodness- by overcoming the many divisions between people, values, and ideas, and action.

Unfortunately, our “Civilization’s” current “solution” to mankind’s greatest problem is to spread laissez faire capitalism, which encourages nothing but selfishness, desire, and amorality.

What good could possibly come from an ideological system based on evaluating the world, it’s natural resources, and even it’s people, as no more than “capital” to be divied-up and sold off to the highest bidder?

But does the answer to our many problems lie in the creation of a new system, a new authority, or an altered hierarchy?

Or can freedom only exist in the total absense of  conformity to a pattern, an idea, and a system?


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