I’m quite particular about my music, though I can report that I enjoy a pretty wide variety when it comes to different genres. Let’s say I know what I like, and I definitely know what I loathe.

It’s hard to compare with such musical geniuses likes The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, The Doors and The Rolling Stones, but some of the stuff put out during the 90’s “Alternative Rock” era, like The Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Bush, Rage Against the Machine, Garbage, and especially those crazy bastards from Radiohead is pretty damn good.

Recently I’ve even gone out on a limb and tried some new Rock from modern bands like Silversun Pickups, MGMT, The Black Keys, Cold War Kids, Muse, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Band of Horses, which is all surprisingly excellent, given the sad state of modern rock in an era overrun with nothing but corporate-sell-out-bands played on the radio.

I also have great respect and incredibly admiration for composers like Tchaicovsky, Mozart, Beethoven, and the other greats, but I’m quite happy too with modern masters like John Williams, who gives the old stuff a decent run for it’s money (yes, I’m aware of the sacriligeousness of that statement, but aesthetics are subjective, remember?).

And finally, I have to give credit to the master of the modern sound, from the world of “Trance” music (or whatever you want to call it), who can’t be ignored- especially since I listen to at least a few hours of his stuff every day at work- that mix-session genius who calls himself DJ Tiesto. Unfortunately, Tiesto’s recent stuff has pretty much all been terrible, having peaked some time around 1999-2001, but his collected works are many and excellent- if you know which ones to pick.

When Tiesto does get it right, he gets it absolutely perfect. This guy’s stuff is mind-blowing, and something that everyone should be exposed to. The only problem is that it’s all long-form and most of us probably aren’t willing to invest an entire hour of attention on melodic progressions, but you can rest assured that it’s well worth your time!

For an experience in otherwordly aural-pleasure, I highly suggest any of the albums from Tiesto’s In Search of Sunrise series, or his albums Just Be, CD 1 from In My Memory, CD 2 from Nyanna, Forbidden Paradise 2, or Magik 3. All of these are spectacular. There are some hidden gems on a few other albums too, like the Elements of Life Tour live compliation, but there are also some pretty weak parts to that performance, so I wouldn’t advise it for anyone other than the die-hard Tiestophile.

For fellow fans of the long-form sound though, I assure you, no one does it better than he does!

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