My Mission

With the advent of communications limited to 140 characters of self-obsessed drivel, it’s become quite difficult to reign people in for a serious discussion with anything other than pretty pictures.

Due to society’s total lack of interest in traditional long-form narratives like literature and philosophy, I’ve chosen to embrace photography in an attempt to capture the shortest attention spans in human history.

Please join me in my pursuit of sights worth sharing, and ideas worth discussing, for an investigation of the nature of reality through a photographic study of human relationships, the natural environment, and the state modern consciousness.

It’s my sincere hope that something you find here will encourage you to take a deep breath, forget about yourself for a second, and take a closer look at the amazing world around you.

Why “Chayacitra”?

Chayacitra is an anglicized form of the Sanskrit word for Photography: “Chaayaacitra”. It represents the fundamental driving force behind this blog’s creation; communication through imagery.

Sanksrit first captivated me during early explorations into Buddhism, both for it’s aural beauty, and it’s status as the official language of Theravada Buddhism.

The Buddhist lexicon abounds with beautiful ideas expressed through the  seductive sounds of Sanskrit, perhaps best personified by it’s rhythmic chants, incantations, and the ever-popular practice of mantra recitation.

As an archaic language, Sanskrit serves the dual purpose of arousing intellectual curiosity and providing an alternative set of communicative-symbols for dealing with familiar subjects in an unfamiliar way.


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