To Be Aware Without Condemnation

=== – Daily Quote ===

Do not think about doing it, but actually do it now. That is, be aware of the trees, the palm tree, the sky; hear the crows cawing; see the light on the leaf, the colour of the sari, the face; then move inwardly. You can observe, you can be aware choicelessly of outward things. It is very easy.

But to move inwardly and to be aware without condemnation, without justification, without comparison is more difficult. Just be aware of what is taking place inside you—your beliefs, your fears, your dogmas, your hopes, your frustrations, your ambitions, and all the rest of the things. Then the unfolding of the conscious and the unconscious begins. You have not to do a thing.

The Collected Works vol XV, p 85

=== Thoughts ===

It’s a fascinating experience- “choiceless awareness” . To sit in total silence, devoid of the accumulation of the “I”, and simply observe without condemnation, identification, or justification. To listen to the beating of your heart, feel the expansion of your lungs, and the vibratory energy coursing through you, connecting you to the rest of the universe.

To watch thought unravel like the many miles of a dark road at night. To float along above the river of consciousness-unattached to its petty desires, delusions, and divisions- following along its course and observing that graceful movement of its destination-less progression through the void.

To enjoy that space which exists only when total silence prevails, that respite from the hectic confusion you’ve become accustomed to calling “my life”. To bask in the glow of unfiltered awareness, and observe with pure perception. There’s simply nothing like it. Nothing at all.

And it will surprise you to see just how little you know about yourself- how you work, and what you actually are. It will shock you to see your connection to the environment without experiencing yourself through the filter of your images, beliefs, and conclusions. It will feel like opening your eyes for the first time, and seeing everything in a completely different way, but one that feels vaguely familiar.

It might even feel more natural than your ordinary daily awareness. It certainly does to me. It might be like waking up from an incredibly deep sleep, or a very long and lucid dream, and finally returning to reality.

But you might experience an initial moment of sheer panic, a helplessness driven by total confusion, or absolute chaos. You might be gripped with fear, and your mind might attempt to reassert control with an unmatched ferocity that explodes into your stream of consciousness as a barrage of frantic questions- Where have you gone? What have you become? What should you do? What can you do? What is to become of you? Are you dying? Does it matter?

And as the wheels of your mind begin to race away, spinning off in a desperate attempt to get you to cling to some semblance of familiarity, to some vestige of security, you will have to refuse to engage with thought and instead remain in a state of total detachment.

You will have to refuse that desire to cling back to your ego, to avoid grabbing that last rung of the ladder as the helicopter takes off from the mountain peak, for you know that the only other way down is to abandon yourself completely, and to jump into the void with hands wide open.

And that is exactly what you will do. You will remain standing on the edge of the cliff in a state of total observation. And after that first gasp of fear, once all of your illusions have fallen away, you will jump into the void, and experience reality for what it is.

And in that moment you will understand what it means to be entirely and absolutely Free.

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