The Very Act Of Listening Is A Great Miracle

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Listening is an art which very few of us are capable of. We never actually listen. The word has a sound and when we do not listen to the sound, we interpret it, try to translate it into our own particular language or tradition. We never listen acutely, without any distortion.

So, the speaker suggests, respectfully, that you so listen and not interpret what he says. When you tell a rather exciting story to a little boy, he listens with a tremendous sense of curiosity and energy. He wants to know what is going to happen, and he waits excitedly to the very end. But we grown-up people have lost all that curiosity, the energy to find out, that energy which is required to see very clearly things as they are, without any distortion.

We never listen to each other. You never listen to your wife, do you? You know her much too well, or she you. There is no sense of deep appreciation, friendship, amity, which would make you listen to each other, whether you like it or not. But if you do listen so completely, that very act of listening is a great miracle.

That Benediction is Where You Are, pp 22-23

=== Thoughts ===

When we experience the world, when we listen to the sound of the wind, the sound of music, or even the sound of our own heartbeat, most of us don’t hear those sound as they actually exist. We interpret them through the screen of knowledge, through the distorting lens of the “self”, of our identities, with all of their conclusions, beliefs, and prejudices. We interpret what we hear in terms of previous experience experience.

Experiencing the world in this way, we meet with nothing new. We encounter only modifications, adaptations, and alterations. The things that we experience are merely novel, rather than new. There is a huge difference between those two words. We lose that essential human trait, that fundamental feature of our being- the capacity for creativity- becoming shoddy little second-hand people.

We drill all the life out of living, leading monotonous lifestyles that promote habitual behavior. We fall prey to patterns, becoming attached to “planning”, “goals”, and obsessing over attempts toward achieving “success”.

We lose our inspiration, becoming despondent, depressed, and disinterested in the world around us. And, worst of all, we misunderstand the source of this confusion- which is our attachment to the self and all of it’s trappings- attempting to dig ourselves out of that hole by further filling up the void with our possessions, our conclusions, and ridiculous beliefs.

And when we are faced with these facts, our typical, perhaps even natural response is to ask: “What am I to do about it?”

But as I explained above, and as Krishnamurti has stated before- the it is me! “I”  can do nothing!

The source of the confusion and the crux of the problem is our attachment to that “I”. It’s that obsession with our “ego”, that clinging to the “self”.

The answer is not in planning, it has nothing to do with premeditated behavior. It lies in putting all that aside, negating the trappings of the self, and simply allowing events to unfold without attempting to control them. It’s refusing to interpret, evaluate, or appraise.

Simply, to listen. That’s when the Miracle unfolds.

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