Learning From Experience?

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Questioner: Can we learn from experience?

Krishnamurti: Certainly not. Learning implies freedom, curiosity, inquiry. When a child learns something, he is curious about it, he wants to know, it is a free momentum, not a momentum of having acquired and of moving from that acquisition.

We have innumerable experiences; we have had five thousand years of wars. We have not learnt a thing from them except to invent more deadly machinery with which to kill each other.

We have had many experiences with our friends, with our wives, with our husbands, with our nation—we have not learnt.

Learning, in fact, can only take place when there is freedom from experience.

The Impossible Question, p 78

=== Thoughts ===

The idea that we can apply knowledge built up from past experience to current issues is one that makes little sense, when viewed through the lens of impermanence, because each situation and each problem is entirely new.

Each situation in our lives, each individual moment, brings a radically different challenge ; a challenge which must be faced anew, not with some strategy constructed based on the events of the past, but based on a thorough, complete, and intelligent assessment of the present moment.

The attempt to superimpose obsolete plans and outdated conclusions on something which is radically new, and not simply just novel, leads to nothing but further confusion, division, and misery.

Applying these solutions from the past to current situations divides us from the present, destroying our ability to see things as they actually are, and dooming us to repeat our previous mistakes. Humanity keeps falling into the same old traps!

Each generation fights wars for entirely selfish reasons, destroying each other, building up animosity, fear, and hatred, because people who would otherwise have absolutely no reason to quarrel.

We continue to divide ourselves from each other, generating inequality, injustice, and misery for those “less fortunate” individuals that get caught up in the drama, creating a world built on immorality, division, and disorder.

If there is any hope for solving the enormous problems that mankind currently faces, it is quite obvious that we must at once abandon all efforts funded on previous experience, and explore radically new alternative courses of action.

It’s long past time that we tried something different.

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