Is There Seeing Without Preconception?

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The dictionary meaning of the word ‘perception’ is to become aware of, to apprehend. That is, you see the cupboard, you have a preconception of it; that is not perception. Is there seeing without preconception? Only the mind that has no conclusion, such a mind can see. The other cannot.

If I have previous knowledge of that cupboard, the mind identifies it as cupboard. To look at that cupboard without the previous accumulation of prejudices or hurts, is to look. If I have previous hurts, memories, pain, pleasure, displeasure, I have not looked.

Tradition and Revolution

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To see things for what they are, we must be capable of putting aside our preconceptions, our prejudices, and that entire structure and hierarchy of conclusions and classifications which we have so carefully constructed over the course of our lives.

Without putting all of this aside, when you look at things, you will see them only according to your preconceived ideas, rather than for what they actually are. And a mind that looks through the screen of ideas can never hope to find that joy, that ecstasy, and that detachment which is required for living in a state of total freedom.

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