If You Are Aware Choicelessly

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Just be aware; that is all you have to do, without condemning, without forcing, without trying to change what you are aware of. Then you will see that it is like a tide that is coming in. You cannot prevent the tide from coming in; build a wall, or do what you will, it will come with tremendous energy.

In the same way, if you are aware choicelessly, the whole field of consciousness begins to unfold. And as it unfolds, you have to follow; and the following becomes extraordinarily difficult—following in the sense to follow the movement of every thought, of every feeling, of every secret desire.

It becomes difficult the moment you resist, the moment you say, “That is ugly”, “This is good”, “That is bad”, “This I will keep”, “That I will not keep.”

The Collected Works vol XV, p 85

=== Thoughts ===

The explanation of choiceless awareness is not a procedural set of instructions for achieving a desired effect. It is not a set a guidelines for reaching Enlightenment, nor any sort of instructional system that we can use to find inner peace. Rather, this definition is a description of a behavior, or more clearly, an act.

But action is not something done according to a plan, or an idea. Acts are  not a series of preconceived movements, carried out by a mind attempting to achieve some end, whatever that might be. Real action can take place only after we have put aside our attachment to plans, objectives, and the self. Real action is performed only when there is an honest relationship between ourselves and our environment, allowing us to respond appropriately to our surrounding environmental cues.

Everyone has performed real action before, though most of us probably didn’t recognize the difference. Think of a time when you were so caught up in the moment that your mess of ideas, conclusions, beliefs, and personal history was put aside completely; when you did something without thinking to yourself “I should do this”, or “I should not do that”. Think of a time when, simply put, your behavior was not directed by your subjective self.

Perhaps during a sporting event, a concert, a business presentation, or even a sexual encounter, you’ve managed to do this. Or perhaps you never have…

But for those of you who’ve acted in the past, do you remember how it seemed like you were able to move through the motions with a skillful, yet subtle manner, without having to plan your next set of movements? Do you remember how things seemed to unfold naturally, without a plan, an orchestration, or any other self-controlled behavior? Do you remember how there was no difference between the controller (you), and the controlled (your movements and behavior)?

In those moments, with your complete attention focused on the environmental stimuli and your responses to it, you effectively put an end to the self and instead focused your total energy on the situation at hand. In those moments your preconceptions, your prejudices, and subjective beliefs were effectively negated, which allowed you to act with total attention.

Did you feel caught up in the moment? Swept up by the excitement of the situation and your surroundings? Did you feel a connectedness to the world around you, or even perhaps that you were doing just the right thing, at just the right time?

If you can manage to watch yourself choicelessly, at each and every moment of the day, without identification, condemnation, or justification, you will find yourself fully capable of entering a different kind or relationship with the world around you.

You’ll witness the dissolution of the previously all-important “self”, experience some form of ego-death, out of which will flower pure understanding.

And it is only when you completely understand that subtle relationship between yourself and your environment that you can perform a complete an of attention necessary for creating that space out of which intelligence itself emerges.

And in that space, when looking at the universe with an intelligent mind, everything you see, hear, touch, taste, smell, and feel will make perfect sense. You will feel as if your search has finally reached it’s objective, like you’ve uncovered some existential truth.

Remaining in that state of choiceless awareness you will witness the unfolding of a new form of consciousness- total understanding- which rushes in on you like a fast approaching wave, sweeping aside all your attachments and illusions with an unmatched ferocity.

And in this state everything you experience will take on a new light. You will encounter that which you have been seeking for all these years and you will understand what it means to live in total Freedom.

You can do it, if you’d only try.

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