When Our Hearts Are Empty

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Any tendency or talent which makes for isolation, any form of self-identification, however stimulating, distorts the expression of sensitivity and brings about insensitivity. Sensitivity is dulled when gift becomes personal, when importance is given to the “me” and the “mine”—I paint, I write, I invent.

It is only when we are aware of every movement of our own thought and feeling in our relationship with people, with things and with nature, that the mind is open, pliable, not tethered to self-protective demands and pursuits; and only then is there sensitivity to the ugly and the beautiful, unhindered by the self.

Sensitivity to beauty and to ugliness does not come about through attachment; it comes with love, when there are no self-created conflicts.

When we are inwardly poor, we indulge in every form of outward show, in wealth, power and possessions. When our hearts are empty, we collect things. If we can afford it, we surround ourselves with objects that we consider beautiful, and because we attach enormous importance to them, we are responsible for much misery and destruction.

The acquisitive spirit is not the love of beauty; it arises from the desire for security, and to be secure is to be insensitive.

Education and the Significance of Life, pp 125

=== Thoughts ===

This quote hits home pretty hard after my experiences of the previous week, travelling through Arizona and Utah. I absolutely adored my trip, enjoying every minute of it, and taking in as much of the natural beauty as I could possibly absorb, but I also found myself wondering… why am I so intent on taking pictures of all of this?

I’m not sure where the obsession came from, but I have become quite dedicated to documenting natural beauty with my many cameras and lenses, and I’m not entirely sure why.

I’ve always found beautiful photographs especially enticing, and even purchased quite a few of them when I was a child (though I couldn’t tell you where most of those have ended up!). I’ve always been quite enamoured with nature, with traveling, and with sharing experiences with others.

I think I see photography as my best shot at communicating my personal take on beauty with others, and it just so happens that what I enjoy most is wide open landscapes, amazing mountain scenery, and the amazing colors of the natural environment.

I feel like I’m clinging, perhaps ridiculously, to the beautiful scenes I capture with my camera.

But on the other hand, if even one of my pictures encourages someone else to stop and take a second look around them- to sit quietly and enjoy the color, the motion, or the shape of a tree, a rock, a cloud, a mountain, running water, or anything else of that nature- then hasn’t it all been worth it?

You tell me.

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