The Experiencer And The Experienced

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You can experiment with this for yourself very simply and very easily. Next time you are angry or jealous or greedy or violent or whatever it may be, watch yourself. In that state, “you” are not. There is only that state of being.

The moment, the second afterwards, you term it, you name it, you call it jealousy, anger, greed; so you have created immediately the observer and the observed, the experiencer and the experienced.

When there is the experiencer and the experienced, then the experiencer tries to modify the experience, change it, remember things about it and so on, and therefore maintains the division between himself and the experienced.

If you don’t name that feeling—which means you are not seeking a result, you are not condemning, you are merely silently aware of the feeling—then you will see that in that state of feeling, of experiencing, there is no observer and no observed, because the observer and the observed are a joint phenomenon and so there is only experiencing.

The First and Last Freedom, pp 175-176

=== Thoughts ===

If only it were that simple. Quietly sitting and observing my emotions, in a passive state of mind without acceptance or rejection, without passing judgment, without the “should” or “should not” clouding my mental clarity- What a nice idea.

So simple on paper, yet so difficult in practice.

For all the meditation, all the reading, the thinking, and writing I do on this very subject, all the mental affirmations, reminders and all the work that I’ve put into it, I continue to get swept up by my emotional responses.

Certain people, certain insecurities, and certain fears operate with such alacrity, dragging me into division, generating cognitive dissonance, and plunging me deep into the shadowy depths of Samsara.

What starts as a snowflake of thought rapidly accumulates into snowballs, then comes crashing down the mountainside of my mind with the force of an avalanche plunging through a chasm. Division begets division, begets division, ad infinitum.

And it seems like it should be so easy, to simply sit back quietly and observe these emotions for what they really are. To watch them bubble up from the subconscious mind, without the attachment, without the judgment, without the subjective even entering into the picture at all.

Rather than grasping at straws, why not watch the thought bubble inflate until it’s own size becomes unsustainable, witness it’s popping, and observe it’s vanishing back into the void from whence it came.

How simple it is in theory, yet how difficult it is in practice.

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