The Analyzer And The Analyzed

=== – Daily Quote ===

Please do follow this carefully. There is the analyser and the thing to be analysed.

We have never questioned who the analyser is.

He is obviously one of the many fragments and he proceeds to analyse the whole structure of oneself. But the analyser himself, being a fragment, is conditioned. When he analyses there are several things involved.

First of all, every analysis must be complete or otherwise it becomes the stone round the neck of the analyser when he begins to analyse the next incident, the next reaction.So the memory of the previous analysis increases the burden.

And analysis also implies time; there are so many reactions, associations and memories to be analysed that it will take all your life. By the time you have completely analysed yourself—if that is ever possible—you are ready for the grave.

Beyond Violence, p 102

=== Thoughts ===

Like we discussed in the previous post about The Experiencer and the Experienced, we tend to see ourselves as something apart from our thoughts, something separate from our ideas, our experiences, and even our perceptions.

Let’s try something different tonight. Sit still for a minute. Stop reading this and simply look around. Listen to the sounds around you. Listen to your breathing. Feel your beating heart and your breathing lungs. Sit quietly and simply observe your surroundings.

Are you separate from these sights, from these sounds, or these feelings?

Or are you those things- and aren’t those things you?

Do you “control” your beating heart, your breathing lungs, and your blinking eyes, or are you those things?

Do you “control” your thoughts, your beliefs, and your behavior, or are you those things?

Are you your family? Your friends? Your country? Are you the world? The galaxy? Or perhaps the entire universe?

Where does the “it” end and the “you” begin?

Think about it, don’t simply agree with these statements, that won’t do either of us any good. I’m trying to reason it out too- if you catch a flaw in my logic, please do point it out.

I’m not here to tell you what “I” think is true- I’m simply asking you- what do you think?

Do you honestly believe that you can separate yourself from your surroundings, from the environment at large?

Or are you a deterministic result of that environment and it’s interaction with your genetics?

If your physical characteristics- your body, your brain, and your health- and your mental or psychological characteristics- your mind, your beliefs, your principles and IQ- are all determined by the interaction between genes and environment, then why not your behavior?

After all, isn’t your behavior shaped by the interaction between your beliefs, thoughts, and perceptions?

And aren’t they determined by your genetics responding to environmental stimuli?

I’m asking you, where does the “self”, where does the “I”, come into the equation? What place does the “me” have in any of this?

If you really understand impermanence, not simply academically, but deeply, then you accept that all things are in a constant state of change.

And if you understand the law of conservation of energy then you know that energy cannot be created or destroyed.

Given these assumptions, and the fact that you exist as part of this world, as one small segment of continuously changing energy amidst a massive ocean of energetic awareness and other energetic beings, then how could you come to any conclusion other than the fact that you are the world, and the world is you? Your energy becomes the world’s, and the world’s becomes yours. What other conclusion could you possibly reach?

Put very simply, there are no divisions, only distinctions.

Divisions are an illusion. A convenient one, I will give them that.

Our belief in a divided world is ingrained into every fiber of our being. It’s been blasted into our consciousness, forced upon our fragile eggshell minds, from the very moment that we were born.

We’ve been brainwashed to accept the idea of the separateness of things, of objects, and especially (and most unfortunately) of people. And there has never been a more destructive, more devastating, or more troublesome idea than that.

But the true nature of reality is quite simple: We are all one.

The entire universe is in you, and you are in it.

Put very simply, there are no divisions, only distinctions.

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