There’s nothing quite like it, really, the tender insides of a flower.

Those precious parts, so delicate that even the slightest act of carelessness would mean cataclysm, an obliteration of beauty, and of purpose, from even the slightest touch.

I just can’t but help the feeling that I’m being allowed entrance into a magnificent space, as holy as the cathedral, bearing witness to the living manifestation and physical expression of creation itself.

And in light of all this, it doesn’t even seem that outlandish, when one stops to really think it through, that Theologists relied upon the flower as the crux in their argument for the very existence of God.

You see, according to them, flowers were purposefully designed and placed on this planet solely for our enjoyment, to stimulate mankind’s aesthetic sensibilities as a living testimonial to God’s immaculate attention to detail and devotion to human beings as his absolute favorite of all his many creations.

And honestly, who could blame them for reaching such a conclusion? After all, the argument itself dates to a time well before humanity’s “discovery” of the infrared spectrum (which insects were already quite well aware of), and perhaps even to an era before (Westerner’s) were even aware of the planet’s spherical nature!

I can’t help but wonder though, knowing that the flower’s beauty- it’s explosive and arresting color, it’s intricacy and exquisite detail- are no more than a side product of infrared patterns designed to attract insect attention- Why would people continue to defend the same outdated, illogical, and ridiculous argument, even to this very day?

And don’t get me wrong here, it’s not that I disagree with the logic of the argument itself, that the flower was created by “God”, because certainly that force, whatever it might have been, which set the planet spinning about it’s axis, causing our daily cycle of dark and light, our tides, the wind, and all the rest, is obviously also indirectly responsible for the conditions which eventually led to the flower’s evolution.

But what I simply can’t condone is that arguments like these are used to promote a set of organized belief responsible for vast megalomania, immorality, destructiveness, and divisiveness. They’re used to manipulate other human beings, who would otherwise stand at least a chance of seeing things for what they truly are, of being herded into auditoriums, made to sing ridiculous songs, give up their hard earned money, and even go off to kill those who disagree with the very argument which has enslaved them!

It’s these types arguments, with all of their associated conclusions and interpretations, their implications and connotations, asinine abbreviations and simplifications, that lead us deeper into depravation, destroying all hope for mankind’s salvation.

But then again- it’s just a flower.

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