How To Look At Your Fear

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How to look at your fear

Do please listen to this, it is not complicated. It demands attention, and attention has its own discipline; you don’t have to introduce a system of discipline.

You know, sirs, what this world needs is not politicians or more engineers, but free human beings. Engineers and scientists may be necessary, but it seems to me that what the world needs is human beings who are free, who are creative, who have no fear. And most of us are ridden with fear.

If you can go profoundly into fear and really understand it, you will come out with innocency, so that your mind is clear. That is what we need, and that is why it is very important to understand how to look at a fact, how to look at your fear.

That is the whole problem – not how to get rid of fear, not how to be courageous, not what to do about fear, but to be fully with the fact.

The Collected Works, Vol. XI – 349

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The one true ‘fact’ that all of us must eventually face is that we are riddled with fear. Or at least I am. In fact, I’m painfully aware of my many fears, the fear of loneliness, fear of choosing the wrong path, fear of regretting the things I’m doing now in the future, and even the fear of fearing all these things.

But what really is fear, other than a miscalculation- a misunderstanding if you will- of my present surroundings and situation?

And where does this fear come from?

Could it present itself without the “I”, without the background of the all-important and idolatrous “self”, to which I cling, for no other apparent reason than my having been conditioned to do so?

And could fear- that consuming, nagging doubt- which transforms me from a creative man of action into a frozen, pathetic and wretched creature of indecision emerge into my consciousness without the assistance of thought?

I’m asking you, just as I’m asking myself- What place has this fear in your daily life; what purpose does it serve?

Why do we put up with it, why do we nourish it, and sustain it, when it generates nothing but confusion, chaos, disorder, and pain?

Could it be that fear is the prime weapon of the “self” in it’s struggle to remain relevant?

Could fear itself be the sole force and very sustenance of that ridiculous, illogical division of the “me” and theĀ  “not-me”-?

Of the “I” as a separate entity from the “you”? From the environment? And from the universe at large?

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