The Desert

Joshua Tree

An emphatic ocean of emptiness, “Sunyata”.

Humble contours and lazy, ambling lines.

Without pretense, without a sound.

Unfolding into the infinite.

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2 Responses to The Desert

  1. Tim, your photos are fantastic. No way you only have ‘little talent’ you should take a fresh look at your photos….they are lovely. I love the verse you have below, gives an added depth to what you have captured. lovely lovely.
    have a great day
    notjustagranny on twitter

  2. Tim says:

    Thanks Cindy- the kind words are MUCH appreciated. I just don’t feel like I know what I’m doing yet, and I’m pretty sure I won’t change my mind until I’m reviewing a shot some day and am able to say to myself: “I wouldn’t have done anything different on this one”. I’m keeping the faith though =)

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