Have You Ever Looked At Fear?

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Have you ever looked at fear?

Have you ever faced fear? Please listen to the question carefully. Have you ever looked at fear? Or in the moment of being aware of fear, are you already in a state of flight from the fact? I will go into it a little bit, and you will see what I mean.

We name, we give a term to our various feelings, don’t we? In saying, ‘I am angry’, we have given a term, a name, a label to a particular feeling. Now, please watch your own minds very clearly. When you have a feeling, you name that feeling; you call it anger, lust, love, pleasure, don’t you? And this naming of the feeling is a process of intellection which prevents you from looking at the fact, that is, at the feeling.

You know, when you see a bird and say to yourself that it is a parrot or a pigeon or a crow, you are not looking at the bird. You have already ceased to look at the fact because the word parrot or pigeon or crow has come between you and the fact.

This is not some difficult intellectual feat but a process of the mind that must be understood. If you would go into the problem of fear or the problem of authority or the problem of pleasure or the problem of love, you must see that naming, giving a label, prevents you from looking at the fact….

The Collected Works, Vol. XI – 350

=== Thoughts ===

Naming- the giving of labels- classification, and conceptualization are no more than an abstraction from the actual. The process cannot be completed without bringing our own baggage, our mental history, and our subjective interpretations into play.

To see things for what they truly are, we must resist the temptation to assign them neat little preconceived categories, predefined¬† ideas, or prejudiced conclusions. Failing to avoid that, we’re simply doomed to forever look at the world through a glass- darkly.

The conceptualization, the categorization, creates a division between the now constructed “us” and the constructed “not us”, a division which in reality, has no right to exist, and does not exist. Remember, the universe and everything in it is impermanent, in a constant state of flux, and has no essential essence to it

As we’ve discussed before, in categorization and conceptualization there can be no relationship. It’s the very same problem as our tendency to relate to the “image”, rather than the thing itself.

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